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Mary Open Doors 2nd Annual Concert

Through this medium, we are pleased to introduce to you Mary Open Doors second fundraising Benefit Concert Event. This event is considered most important as it holds the key to making a tremendous impact on women, children, and the Belizean society. 

It is an excellent opportunity to support a grassroots, community driven entity providing needed service in the Cayo District. 

Look out for more information on our social media in 2019.

2019 Toy Drive
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If you are an aspiring artist who would like to be recognized in our annual concert , sign up below and help support a worthy cause!

Aspiring Artist Inquiry




On May 17, Mary Open Doors travelled to Los Tambos to participate in a health promotion fair at a local school where we spoke to students and teachers from the village. Los Tambos is a quiet mennonite and agricultural community. Throughout the day several different classes came into the classroom we were set up in. Over a hundred young people from the ages 6-16 years old was reached with this information.  Beginning our presentation, students were asked to define domestic violence and identify the different forms it takes (physical, verbal, psychological, etc.). After an introduction, we discussed the ways domestic violence becomes a perpetual cycle that is nearly impossible to break without intervention. We were engaging students of different ages with topics relating to their age range. We asked questions and we were questioned by them also which showed their interest and interaction. Students were rewarded for their answer and participation. Abuse is still taboo in our country and it is priceless the information given to the community and how it was received. The principal insisted that each teacher make it a must to visit our booth for the fair because it was much needed in the community. The greatest achievement will be to reach the youths of our country and break the cycle of domestic and harvest a generation free of abuse.

  • Temporary safe shelter provided to families.

  • Counseling and life-skills information sessions provided 

  • Women were assisted with Family Court Applications to protect them and their children from further violence.

  • Prevention and awareness activities were implemented in the Cayo District

  • Successful Completion of project for renovation of the shelter facilities to add more beds and conduct repairs and maintenance.

  • 2019 Grand Raffle held which proceedings were given toward safehouse

Statistics show that domestic violence continues to be a permanent issue in Belize especially in rural and semi-rural communities. From 2006-2014 a total of 96 women were killed in connection to domestic violence with 20 of those being killed in the Cayo District. 

1st Annual 'Summer Strings' Concert

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